Homeopathy and Ionization

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Ionic Analysis
The concept of ionization basically involves the study of the function of the hydrogen ion in the human body. It is measured by the pH.
Dr. Reams researched and developed this system of measurement in equation form. This equation is a mathematical formula based on logarithm, and is a measure of the digestive tract.

Having established an equation which is representative of the perfect functioning of the overall metabolism, a comparison is made with the perfect equation and the patient’s health equation. From this we are able to determine the energy deficiency within the body, but more importantly, we can pinpoint the specific area in which this occurs.

The equation seeks to maintain a balance between the cations, or positive ions, and the anions, or negative ions. Movement in either direction from perfect balance indicates energy loss with subsequent deficient health patterns.

The ionic balance is assessed by measuring the spillage of waste products into the urine as well as determining the pH value of both the urine and saliva.

A broad spectrum of analysis covers the efficient function of the carbohydrate, lipid, protein, and mineral metabolism of the body. Once we have established the area of dysfunction, we are able to redress the situation through the intelligent use of specific homeopathic medicines. Once the correct organ pattern is re-established, the body is able to assimilate the necessary nutrients for cell rebuilding.

From the information so gained we are able to determine the specific nutritional needs of the patient, inducing them to maintain a more healthy lifestyle.

Energy may be defined as the property of a system that is the measure of its capacity for doing work. Energy has several forms, such as potential and kinetic, and is determined by the amount of work it can do.
According to the quantum theory, the energy of an atom or molecule is due to the motion and the electrostatic interactions of the nuclei and electrons.

An electron is assumed to have an intrinsic angular momentum in addition to any angular momentum due to its orbital motion. This intrinsic angular momentum is called spin. An electron with a spin behaves like a small magnet with an intrinsic magnetic movement. There are two possible spin directions which designate the different polarization of the electron.

The ions which are measured by the pH have either a positive or negative electric charge which is determined by the spin or rotational direction of the ion. Cations are classified as positive ions and are related to an acid level of pH, whereas anions are negative ions and relate to an alkaline level of pH.

The measure of the hydrogen ions percentage in a solution is the pH. The higher the acidity the greater the concentration of hydrogen ions, whereas, the higher the alkalinity, the opposite effect is produced.

When we consider the energy concepts of the organs and tissues of the body, we must realize that the organ is either overfunctioning or underfunctioning.

If an organ, or for that matter a series of organs in a chain, are overfunctioning, we would consider that they are “leaking” energy. There is an excessive flow which cannot be harmonized. We consider this to be a cationic or acid condition.

Underfunctioning relates to a blockage to the free flow of energy; this is always an anionic or alkaline state.

The pH analysis of the urine and saliva allows us to measure the state of activity or inactivity of the organism, enabling us to accurately redress the situation.

The vital force is that energy pattern found within the DNA of the cell. However, the pattern must become active, that is, it must be integrated to produce other patterns. Those patterns can be likened to the electromagnetic fields which Saxon Burr stated were integrations of activity.4 Such integrations compound in an organized fashion to produce the conscious living organism.

The vital force is that power which activates the body at birth to become a separate entity. It is active in building the fetus through the mother. However, when the birth process is finalized, the individual breath begins the animation of the life cycle of that being.5

The vital force breathed in is aligned to the ionic atmosphere of our environment, the ions acting as a carrier of the vital force. It maintains the frequency envelope that holds together the physical energies. These energies are broken down into light, heat, electricity, and magnetism within the body.6

We ascribe the vital force to be an essential form of energy required for life; conversely, if we lose energy we begin to live less, that is, we become ill. If the loss is great, we die.

If the energy loss reaches a point where we’re aware of our illness, then we have reached a point of imbalance in our overall metabolism. To determine the degree of health by analyzing the Reams equation, we are able to see that the decline in an individual is relative to the whole person, that is, it affects them on all levels, mind, emotions, and body, as well as the psychic level.

We are able to observe that the power level or percentage of energy for any given field or pattern is inversely proportional to the conductivity, and is directly proportional to the impedance or toxic level of the cell.

The pH measurement is the amount of resistance to the flow of energy. Impedance is classified as the toxic level experienced by the cellular tissue. The higher the resistance, the higher the anionic or alkaline level of the digestive tract.

Alkaline measurements indicate loss of the ability of the body to absorb oil soluble vitamins, leading to immune deficiencies. The alkaline system shows a lowered resistance to viral infections. To supplement the patient at this level of pH with cod liver oil or any nutritional supplement of this nature will not reverse the situation.

The human body is not unlike the soil in our garden. The soil may contain all the elements required for growth; however, if the soil has a high level of acidity, the plant will not grow well as it cannot “pick up” the mineral elements from the soil. By adding dolomite to the soil, we alter the pH and the plant begins to grow in a healthy manner.

The same situation occurs in the human digestive tract. If nutritious foods are eaten but the pH of the digestive tract is not at an optimum level, you’re unable to access the nutrients from the food.

The use of specific homeopathic remedies has been developed to balance the metabolism and allow the correct functioning of the organs, which are either hypofunctioning or hyperfunctioning.

We’re able to see that specific combinations of homeopathic medicines are able to change the energy dysfunction within the body, freeing up the digestive tract, putting it “on line” to alter the frequency pattern of the food, through enzymic action, to prepare its energy release to the body.

It has often been said that we live off the energy freed from the food during the process of digestion.

Gail Vines of New Scientist7, reporting on an article published by Nature8 regarding the homeopathic research conducted by Jacques Benveniste and his colleagues, stated that Benveniste found periodic fluctuations in the biological activity of the solutions as dilutions increased. This principle is the reverse of established scientific paradigm. However, it does indicate to most observers that the higher the serial dilution the greater the energy release.

Western science has long maintained that dilution effectively destroyed any curative power of a substance. Thus, any acceptance of one or two trials would be a meaningless waste of good research dollars.

Practitioners in the field have for many years observed the dramatic healing effects of homeopathic medicines as they alter the energy restrictions of the body.

Biochemists and medical science concentrates on the molecular level of bonding. The homeopathic researcher understands the importance of low frequency energy, realizing the dangers of high frequency practice of molecular and genetic bonding.

The homeopath extricates from complex particle patterns specific vibrational energies which relate back to the electromagnetic bonding forces of water itself, these being sensitive to weak low- frequency electromagnetic fields. In water, through cationic H and anionic OH ions, there is a most subtle balance of acid/alkaline forces; about 65 percent of the body is water, this balance is likely to have a significant effect on bodily function.

In orthodox chemical terms the homeopathic dose is considered as a placebo. However, we can see that in terms of the low frequency electromagnetics of the body, together with the specific properties of water, this form of treatment attains a high significance. On a larger scale, the very creation of primitive life forms may be controlled through the interaction of the earth’s electromagnetic field and water.

Samuel Hahnemann and other great homeopaths such as Kent and Herring would pay scarce attention to the laboratory tests, when all truth of the system accosted them daily.

However, it is important to understand the basic functioning of the homeopaths some 200 years down the track. Nothing in this world is immutable. It is only our lack of understanding that chains us to one way of progress.

All efforts of the practitioner must be gauged toward stimulating the healing forces within the patient. It is through gaining greater knowledge of those forces which constitute the human being, that the doctor is able to work with the body, assisting the rebuilding processes.

The ionization test demonstrates the changing energy patterns of the patient. We are able to understand the language of the body as we attempt to work with the changes occurring through our healing efforts.


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