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Discovering the Little Things that Make Us Happy
Life is full of little wonders that can make us happy. The sound of a baby’s laughter, a good book, the comforting smell of a favorite old sweatshirt, and the warmth from a cup of hot tea are simple pleasures that can easily put smiles on our faces. These “little things” are easily accessible to us and can be sources for finding happiness. A key to doing so is taking the time to put those rose colored glasses from childhood back on so you can easily find the joy in all the “little things” that life has to offer.

Finding a puppy rummaging through the laundry basket, trying on that perfect shade of lipstick, or discovering the extra change you left in your back pocket can turn into moments of delight. Like kids digging in the sandbox for buried trinkets, we may even begin to experience happiness when we engage in the seemingly mundane. Figuring out a software program can feel like deciphering a treasure map, and that first sip of tea in the morning can taste like a forbidden delicacy. Swaying to music playing on the radio can turn into an interpretive jig, riding a bike can seem like flying to the moon, and getting a phone call from that special someone can feel like winning the lottery. A pickup game of basketball becomes an exciting match among champions, and observing an elderly couple walking hand in hand can turn into a meditation on peace and contentment.

When we begin rediscovering that the little things in life can make us happy, we naturally want to share this joy with others. We may gush over a friend when we run into them unexpectedly, praise a street musician for their talents, or blow bubbles for the neighborhood kids to chase. We may even start to think of the little things we can do to make other people happy, which in turn makes us happy all over again. There is an endless supply of little things and little moments that can make us happy. All we have to do is look for them, and they’ll magically start to appear.

Sources: Daily Om

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Stretch Loosens up Spine and Hips

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Use this stretch to release your back and hips if you’ve been seated for a long period of time or after brisk walking, hiking or biking. You’ll stand taller and feel more energized once your spine and hips have been loosened up.

Step 1.

Sit on the floor or a padded mat. Bend your knees out to the side with the soles of your feet pressed together in front of you. Place your hands behind you on the floor, close to your hips, with fingers turned away from your body. Lift your spine tall without overarching your lower back. Allow your thighs and knees to drop to the floor.

Step 2.

Reach forward with your hands, grasping your feet. On an exhale, round your back, bringing your face close to your feet. Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds while you focus on breathing deeply and fully. Think of expanding your entire back when you inhale, then letting go of all tension when you exhale.

Sources:Los Angles Times

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