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What You Eat or Drink May Help You Get Pregnant

What goes inside a body may have a significant effect in improving female fertility, suggests a study.

Dr. Emma Derbyshire and her team, from Manchester Metropolitan University, has found that controlled diet may enhance the chances of getting a positive pregnancy test, even to the point of being as effective as IVF treatment.

The researchers observed that while intrauterine insemination and ovarian stimulation showed a success rate of 33% in conception, dietary advice was virtually as effective, giving a 32% success rate, reports Times Online.

They suggest that some efforts that may help increase a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant, and delivering a healthy baby.

These included restrictive methods like abstaining from alcohol, cutting down on caffeine levels or switching to decaffeinated versions.

Emphasis was also put on the inclusion of plenty of fruit and vegetables in daily diet, which could help to put off the reproductive years.

The Times Of India

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