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Q: I use a treadmill to exercise regularly. I always get a pain in my calves and thighs afterwards. It is very discouraging and makes me want to stop.

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A: Treadmills are excellent machines to use for exercise. Unfortunately, the movements are different from natural movement on the ground because the surface you are running on moves along with you. This results in slightly different groups of muscles in the leg being used and a different running style from the natural form. This may account for the pain you develop. The pain can be tackled by doing warm-up exercises before you hit the treadmill and cool down exercises such as flexion and stretching afterwards. Alternatively, you can go back to the natural form and run on the road.

Cosmetic cure?

Q: Although I am only 30 years old I look much older. My face is wrinkled and pimply and I have a prominent jawline. I am ashamed of the way I look. Should I go in for cosmetic surgery?

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A: You are very young and I do not think cosmetic surgery or Botox is the answer. In another 10 years the same things will recur, making the cosmetic surgery a waste of time and money.

You need to jog, cycle or at least walk for an hour a day. Then do 20 minutes of yoga. Stress levels will decrease and you will be able to cope with the demands of your work. The exercise will also improve the muscle tone of your face and the rest of your body. Also, practise smiling whenever you are sitting and do not let your mouth and face droop down.

Ovarian cancer

Q: I get an itchy white discharge soon after my periods. I am afraid it may be a sign of cancer. My mother died of ovarian cancer.

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A: Ovarian cancer is rare and accounts for only 1.5 per cent of cancers in women. The incidence increases to 6 per cent if there is a first degree relative with the disease. What you have described sounds more like a yeast (monilia) infection, which is common and can be easily treated with both topical applications, pessaries and /or oral tablets. Consult a gynaecologist. Get an ultrasound scan of the pelvis done to reassure yourself about the size, position and function of the ovaries.

Black mark

Q: The skin of my neck, armpit and elbow are black in colour. It does not itch nor is it painful. It just looks as though I have not had a proper bath.

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A: That is probably Acanthosis Nigricans, velvety black, non-itchy lesions which can occur in the neck, arm pit, groin and elbow. It is associated with obesity and diabetes . Get yourself tested for diabetes. If you are overweight, try to exercise and lose weight. Avoid using powder or cream . It will get aggravated.

Period problem

Q: I do not get my periods even after a year unless I take tablets. Recently I noticed a milky white discharge from both breasts as well. My parents want me to get married. My grandmother says everything will become alright if I have a baby.

A: You obviously have a problem and that is why your menstruation is not spontaneous and there is discharge from the nipple. You need to consult a gynaecologist and / endocrinologist. They will check your hormone levels — LH, FSH, prolactin and thyroid.

Shampoo right

Q: I have oily hair. I shampoo it every day but now the hair has become very brittle and is breaking off. It seems to be coming out by the handful.

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A: Oil on the scalp protects it from injury. If you use harsh shampoos the hair will get damaged. There is a right way and a wrong way of shampooing. A small quantity of a mild shampoo should be taken in the palm of the hand. The two palms should be rubbed together and the shampoo applied on the surface of the head. It should be washed off immediately and a conditioner for greasy hair should be applied on the surface of the hair. The conditioner should be left in for about five minutes before being washed off.

Hair loss can occur owing to hormone imbalance, iron, zinc or calcium deficiency.

Source : The Telegraph ( kolkata, India)

News on Health & Science

Protein Compels Cancer Cells to Death

A protein that inhibits ovarian cancer growth does so by partly forcing the cancerous cells to self-destruct, according to the latest research.

The Texas Univeristy (TU) team that carried out the study also found that expression of PEA-15, a protein, is an independent indicator of a woman’s prospects for surviving ovarian cancer, said study co-author Naoto T Ueno, associate professor of breast medical oncology.

An analysis of ovarian tumours in 395 women showed those with high expression of the PEA-15 survived for 50.2 months, compared to 33.5 months for women with low protein levels.

Ovarian cancer kills about 15,000 women in US alone every year. It is notoriously hard to diagnose in its early stages, when it is also most optimal time to treat, according to a TU release.

“These findings provide a foundation for developing a PEA-15 targeted approach for ovarian cancer and for clarifying whether this protein is a novel biomarker that can predict patient outcomes,” Ueno said.

Sources:The report appeared in Saturday’s issue of Cancer Research.

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Laughter as Medicine

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Have you laughed today? Good thing if you have because most people take life too seriously.

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But those who laugh are healthier because laughing helps them loosen up. Though it causes the pulse initially to quicken, it slows down considerably, so that blood pressure sinks.

“The skeletal muscles relax and the overall result is better circulation to the muscles,” said psychologist Michael Titze, chairman of an association called HumourCare in Tuttlingen, Germany, and a researcher into laughter.

Laughing also helps to break down stress hormones and build up hormones associated with happiness. And laughing helps to increase the immune defences in the bloodstream, including those that help the body protect itself from cancer and heart disease. The antibody-containing immunoglobulin in the saliva, which inhibits germ attacks on respiratory organs, also rises.

“Laughing, among other things, tenses the muscles in the eye and activates positive emotions in the brain,” said Titze, adding that laughter is an expression of pure deliverance and total tension release. “Through laughter we abandon self control.”

The therapist therefore advocates looking for things that trigger laughter in daily life and activating the laugh reflex.

“Laughing induces good mood and that in turn engenders hearty and intense laughter,” Titze said. But today this is difficult for many people.

“Laughing demands a bit of courage,” said Claudia Madelaine Zimmer of a club in Leipzig dedicated to laughing. To a certain degree, the discipline needed to raise children wears down the ability to have fun. People fear losing their authority by having fun or doing something ridiculous. However, people with humour not only live healthier, they are also better at solving conflicts, she believes.

But because it’s often difficult to have a good laugh, people all over the world are joining laugh clubs. Zimmer said such clubs meet regularly, and do “laugh yoga”. This sends resounding laughter into the streets, not because the laughter exercises are so funny, but because it’s actually a way to practise laughing.

Chuckles, giggles and snickers – “You don’t have to make a big deal of it, we’re dealing with something that we actually can do,” said Michaela Schaeffner, chairwoman of the association of the German laugh-yoga therapists in Munich.

The goal is to laugh without reason or inhibition. This initially seems artificial, but with a bit of training people can learn “to go into natural laughter from collective, intentional laughter”. And because you can scarcely think about it while in laugh training, the relaxation is all the greater…… & see

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Sources The Times Of India

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News on Health & Science

Talcum Powder Linked to Ovarian Cancer

Women have been warned to immediately stop using talcum powder around their genitals, as new research suggests particles may travel to the ovaries and trigger a process of inflammation that allows cancer cells to flourish.


Previous studies have raised concerns over talc, but the latest findings suggest that women who use it are 40 percent more likely to get ovarian cancer.

Experts studied more than 3,000 women and found using talc merely once a week raised the risk of ovarian cancer by 36 percent. The danger rose to 41 percent for those applying powder every day.

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News on Health & Science

Ginger Inhibits Ovarian Cancer Cell Growth

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Ginger may be useful for treating and preventing ovarian cancer, according to a new study.

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The spicy root not only has antioxidant and cancer-fighting properties, but the study also found that the ginger component gingerol exerts anti-inflammatory effects by mediating NF-KB, a protein complex that regulates your immune system’s response to infection.

In the study of cultured ovarian cancer cells, ginger inhibited growth and modulated secretion of angiogenic factors, which is a fundamental step in the transition of tumors from a dormant state to a malignant state.

The ginger also inhibited vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and interleukin-8 (IL-8), two compounds that are related to cancer growth.

Chinese Medicine News January 2, 2008
BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine December 20, 2007, 7:44