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Treating Diseases Through Grapho-Yoga

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 Ever heard of diseases being cured through ‘grapho-yoga’?

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Grapho-Yoga claims if you learn & practice it,  you can get rid of: sciatica, neurosis, hysteria, neurasthenia irritability, impotency, vertigo, tendency to remain ill, disparate, trembling of hands and feet, violent anger, chronic choryza, depression, sleeplessness, paronia, suicidal tendency, sensuality, forgetfulness, rough voice, anthrophobia, timidity, thyroid problem, resentment etc…...CLICK  & SEE

It is the super technology and it don’t require any other help.

You can destroy the den of enemies inside or outside.

You can approach Dr Sachidanand Pandey in Patna (a town in Bihar in India) who claims to have cured at least 2000 patients through the art of grapho-yoga, a combination of hand-writing and yoga.

Pandey said he had invented the system after putting in 18 long years in research and established his own ‘Grapho Yoga Peeth’ in Bihar‘s capital.

Explaining the method, Pandey said it was based on a combination of yoga and the science of hand-writing analysis i.e. graphology. It is simple, does not cost much and requires nothing except pen, paper and oxygen.

“I got inspiration from western researches which say that letters give an insight into the psyche of persons like why many people are quarrelsome or why many turn into criminals. So I thought that the letters and the way one writes them can also have a positive effect on their personality,” Pandey explained.

There are 26 letters in Roman alphabet and 50 in Devnagri which have been invented as per the need of human being, he said. All these 50 characters were linked to glands in the human body which secrete 50 vital hormones controlling 50 propensities or qualities of a person.
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