Limber up Shoulders, Back and Abdominals

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This simple exercise  will help you become more limber, with a trimmer midsection. This move targets your shoulders, back and abdominals.
Step 1. Sit on a sturdy chair. Place your feet flat on the floor at hips-width apart. Be sure your ankles are directly below your knees. Extend your arms overhead with your palms facing in and your shoulders relaxed. Pull your abs in toward your spine. Inhale.
Step 2. On the exhale, twist your upper body to the right. At the same time, lower your arms to shoulder height and stretch them to the side. Focus on reaching your fingertips away from you. Pause for three seconds, reminding yourself to pull up through your middle and to sit as tall as possible. Return to the start and switch sides. Continue alternating sides until you’ve done 10 moves on each side.

Sources: Los Angeles Times

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