Block-Supported Yoga Pose

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Foam blocks are great tools for practicing yoga poses. Use them to develop more flexibility in your hamstrings while eliminating pressure on your lower back.

Foam blocks are great tools for practicing yoga poses. Use them to develop more flexibility in your hamstrings while eliminating pressure on your lower back. Include this stretch at the end of your workouts when your hamstrings are warmed up.

Place two yoga blocks in front of you and stand upright with your feet in a split stance. Position your right leg forward between the blocks and your left leg approximately 31/2 feet back. For added stability, turn your back foot out slightly. Inhale with your hands on your hips, lift your chest and relax your shoulders down away from your ears.

On an exhale, bend forward at the hips, maintaining a long spine. Rest your hands on top of the yoga blocks. Inhale, lengthen the crown of your head away from your hips. Pull your abdominals in to support your spine. Pause for 10 to 20 seconds, feeling the stretch in the backs of your legs. Return to your upright start position, switch legs and repeat with your left leg forward.

Source : The Losangles Times

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You Can Reduce Fat By Practicing Yoga

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Some exercises that are highly beneficial for reduction of baby fat from stomach are described below. Remember, you should not attempt any of these on your own unless you have been shown and guided by a certified yoga master or guru.

Pavan Muktasan (Release or Regulation of Air): ..Click & see
Lie down on your back and take a deep breath. Bend your left leg at the knee and catching the toes, bring it to touch your stomach while at the same time you lift your head to touch the bent knee. Keep the right leg straight and your breath in. Count 10 and return to the original position. Leave your breath. Repeat with the other leg.

Dhanurasan (The bow posture) –click to see

Lie down on your stomach. Catch your ankles by bending your knees and then push outwards (up) to make your body look like a bow. Pull your head back as much as it goes. Keep for 10 seconds and release posture.

Bhujangasana to see
lie on your stomach and keep your hands right under your shoulders. Push your upper body backwards using only the back muscles not your hands. In case you find it difficult to ignore the hands, try keeping them over the hips.

All the above yoga exercises are extremely beneficial in reducing stomach fat. These need to be initially done in the presence and under the guidance of a yoga guru. There are many, many more other yoga exercises or postures that are helpful in reducing midriff fat and stomach flab. However, as with all other exercises, yoga too needs to be practiced on a daily basis regularly, preferably outdoors, at the crack of the dawn.

Click to see:->What is Yoga  Jan.19.2010

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News on Health & Science Yoga

Treating Diseases Through Grapho-Yoga

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 Ever heard of diseases being cured through ‘grapho-yoga’?

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Grapho-Yoga claims if you learn & practice it,  you can get rid of: sciatica, neurosis, hysteria, neurasthenia irritability, impotency, vertigo, tendency to remain ill, disparate, trembling of hands and feet, violent anger, chronic choryza, depression, sleeplessness, paronia, suicidal tendency, sensuality, forgetfulness, rough voice, anthrophobia, timidity, thyroid problem, resentment etc…...CLICK  & SEE

It is the super technology and it don’t require any other help.

You can destroy the den of enemies inside or outside.

You can approach Dr Sachidanand Pandey in Patna (a town in Bihar in India) who claims to have cured at least 2000 patients through the art of grapho-yoga, a combination of hand-writing and yoga.

Pandey said he had invented the system after putting in 18 long years in research and established his own ‘Grapho Yoga Peeth’ in Bihar‘s capital.

Explaining the method, Pandey said it was based on a combination of yoga and the science of hand-writing analysis i.e. graphology. It is simple, does not cost much and requires nothing except pen, paper and oxygen.

“I got inspiration from western researches which say that letters give an insight into the psyche of persons like why many people are quarrelsome or why many turn into criminals. So I thought that the letters and the way one writes them can also have a positive effect on their personality,” Pandey explained.

There are 26 letters in Roman alphabet and 50 in Devnagri which have been invented as per the need of human being, he said. All these 50 characters were linked to glands in the human body which secrete 50 vital hormones controlling 50 propensities or qualities of a person.
You may click to learn more .


The Times Of India

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Bend and Stretch — Your Hips Will Thank You

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This stretch, a crossed-leg sit with a block, targets the muscles around your hip joints, which get tight from everyday activities such as walking, stair-climbing or prolonged sitting. Remember to relax and breathe deeply while performing this move.

Step 1-> Sit on the floor with a yoga block in front of you and your right leg crossed in front of your left leg. Wiggle your knees in a little closer until your ankles are directly below your knees. Inhale and sit tall. On an exhale, hinge at your hips, leaning your torso forward with a straight back.

Step 2-> Continue to lean forward until you can rest your forehead on top of the yoga block. Stay in this position as you breathe fully and deeply for 30 seconds. Concentrate on relaxing your buttocks and back muscles. Come out of the stretch by rolling your spine up, then change the cross of your legs and repeat with your left leg in front.

Sources: Los Angles Times

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Push-Ups (Yoga Exercise)

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If possible use yoga block for extra-strength.

Even everyday activities require upper body strength, especially in the biceps (which help bend the arms), the triceps (which straighten the arms) and the deltoids (which lift the arms). The traditional push-up is an excellent way to strengthen all these muscles at once. And for an extra challenge, try doing it with a yoga block.

Step -1.

Start on all fours, positioning a yoga block just beneath your frontal hip bones. Now place your hands directly below your shoulders. Curl your toes under and straighten your knees. Reach back strongly through your heels and reach forward with the crown of your head. Think of forming a straight line with your whole body.


Keeping your elbows close to your ribs, slowly bend your elbows until your upper arms are parallel to the floor and your hips are just touching the block. Don’t let your shoulders creep up toward your ears. Keep your abdominals pulled in to support your back. Hold for a few breaths then push back up. Repeat 3 to 4 times.

Sources:Los Angles Times

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