Clerodendrum infortumatum(Ghentu ful in bwngali)

Botanical Name :Clerodendrum infortumatum Linn.,
Family : Verbenaceae.
Indian :Names Bhat ful in Hindi, Ghentu ful in Bengali

Habitat: Grows in India, Burma,Bangladesh and other tropical countries.

Description :
This flowers, branches and leaves of our country grow in any jungle,village street side with careless.

Chemical composition: 1.Clerodin.2.Sterol.3.Xanthophylls.4.Carotene.5.Leaves.
Equipment: Nikon D-60 with 18-55 Zoom on macro mood.

Properties and uses: The juice of the leaves is believed to possess anthelminitic properties-

Medicinal Uses:
Saponin (SN1) isolated from Clerodendrum  infortunatum leaves in doses of 30, 50, 75 and 100 mg/kg, ip provided 36.28, 60.47, 90.71, 100% protection respectively from writhing induced by 1.2% v/v acetic acid. In hot plate method, SN1 not only produced analgesia in mice but also potentiated the analgesic action of pentazocine and aspirin. The anticonvulsant activity was tested by leptazol-induced seizures. SN1 decreased the duration of seizures and gave protection in a dose dependent manner against leptazol-induced convulsions. The results suggest that saponin has significant analgesic and anticonvulsant effects. to see more pictures

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