Positive thinking

Positive thinking

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Some concious human being practices positive thinking. It needs a bit of concentration …first of all one’s thought should be viable and practical, then concentrate on that thinking …it might eleminate negative vibes, thoughts and emotions. With deep positive thinking sometimes one may forecast the future and in most the cases the forecast will be correct.

When one tosses a coin 10 times…say the head comes 6 times, next time it may come 4 times,third time it may come 7 times this way if he keeps on doing 10 ten times , that is total 100 times . and number of coming head is much more than the other side then when one go to toss the 101 th time it is very probable that the head will come and positive thinkers will say the 101th. toss will show head positively.

People will say there is no science behind it, but if probability is a science and many mathematical problems are solved through probability , then, there might be some science behind it which is not yet known to us.

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