Guided Meditation

Accessing the World Within:

A guided meditation uses the sound of a person’s voice to direct you through an inner
process of relaxing your body and shifting your mind’s focus. The voice may be a person in the room with you or a recording even something downloaded from the internet and it is generally spoken in soothing, soft tones. You may be guided to focus on aspects of your physical body, such as on your breathing, relaxing your muscles one-by-one, or on an area in need of healing. Sometimes it might involve visualizing a journey through the beauty of the natural world. Other times, you may be led to envision yourself working with light or energy, accomplishing your goals, or repeating positive thoughts in your head. Your guide may walk you through relaxation or motivation to help you change a habit, access untapped potential, or perhaps merely to find the silence within you.

Whether you are familiar with meditation or you are a beginner, being guided gives you the opportunity to benefit from the insight of others. There are numerous meditation and
visualization techniques based in various spiritual philosophies and psychological
applications. You may want to try several techniques to see what appeals to you the most, or just to gain a fresh perspective.

Guided meditation allows you to learn from others in a way that is similar to ones used by
ancients the world over. Once learned, meditation is a tool that will always be available to
you. Like having a tour guide while traveling in a foreign country, a guided meditation
takes you on an inner journey. But this tour allows you to see and experience your own inner world, a place that truly only exists within you. The scenes created in your mind’s eye can be revisited at anytime, without a guide, because once you have seen the fascinating landscape of your own inner terrain, there will always be more to explore.

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Guided meditations are often the easiest way to reach a meditative state. Simply find a quiet space, put on the track and your headphones and listen. For me, it sure beats chanting a word over and over or watching a candle flame flicker.

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