The Sun Salutation (Yoga Exercise)

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The Sun Salutation or the Surya Namaskaar limbers up the whole body in preparation of the Asanas. Each position stretchs the body in a different way alternately expanding and contracting the chest to regulate the breathing . If practiced daily it will bring great flexibility to your spine and joints and trim your waist .


Description of the asana
1. Stand erect with feet together and palms in the prayer position in front of your chest. Make sure your weight is evently distrubuted. Exhale.
2. Inhaling, stretch your arms forward, then up and back over your head and bend back slowly from the waist.
3. Exhaling, fold forward, and press your palms down, fingertips in line with toes-bend your knees if necessary.
4. Inhaling bring the left (or right ) leg back and place the knee on the floor. Arch back and look up, lifting your chin.
5.Retaining the breath, bring the other leg back and support your weight on hands and toes. Keep your head and body in line and look at the floor between your hands.
6. Exhaling, lower your knees, then your chest and then your forehead, keeping your hips up and your toes curled under.
7. Inhaling, lower your hips, point your toes and bend back. Keep legs together and shoulders down. Look up and back.
8. Exhaling, curl your toes under, raise your hips and pivot into an inverted “V” shape. Try to push your heels and head down and keep your shoulders back.
9. Inhaling, step forward and place the left (or right ) foot between your hands. Rest the other knee on the floor and look up, as in position.
10 Exhaling, bring the other leg forward and bend down from the waist, keeping your palms as in position 3.
11. Inhaling, stretch your arms forward, then up and back over your head and bend back slowly from the waist, as in position2.
12.Exhaling, gently come back to an upright position and bring your arms down by your sides.


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