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Holistic Way To Loose Weight

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By understanding the importance of aahar (eating), vihar(exercise) and vishram(rest) in your lifestyle, you can lead a healthy life, says holistic health expert Mickey Mehta.

Oof the biggest problems of today is obesity. It not only affects one physically but psychologically as well. It’s been proved that diseases like diabetes, heart problem are the close relatives of obesity. The holistic approach towards obesity is a better longer lasting sustainable solution.

The three things that support human health are aahar, vihar and vishram. Aahar is what we eat. Vihar is how we exercise and vishram is how and how much we rest and relax.

The human body is controlled by tridoahas, which are kuph, wata and pitta. The person under the influence of the kuph dosh has the tendency to put on weight.

The excessive weight can be looked at as unburned food and/or the unwanted storage of various thoughts, desires and wishes in the mind as well. Let’s have a look at how aahar, vihar and vishram take care of our health by the way of purifying, correcting, rejuvenating and recreating the body.

Aahar or the Appropriate Food
Foods which are designed to be digested by the human system supplies you with energy for life.

Improper and excessive or unwanted consumption of food gives rise to improper burning or utilisation of this fuel and leads to chocking of the system, ie. fat. Foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts, seeds, grains, and herbs in their most natural, wholesome form should be consumed seasonally, for these have a lot of medicinal, healing and regenerative properties. Remember one thing: Cater to your hunger and not to your appetite; Fulfill it with nourishment and not through unwanted cravings.

Vihar or Exercise
Exercise or orderly application of energy for productive physical activity to keep one well circulated, removing all energy blocks, tenderly challenging the entire musculo-skeletal structure, addressing totality.

This results in transcendence of the subject-object duality and experiencing this transformation into wholeness and wellness.

Workouts need to be done on a daily basis preferably in the morning with thorough warm-ups, slow conscious breathing throughout, stretching and contracting every part of the body through yoga or pilates postures, surya namaskars, slow bouncing activities like jumping jacks and mock skipping for cardiovascular benefits and boosting stamina and the immune system through lymphatic stimulation, push-ups and pull-ups using your own body weight for strength, power and increasing muscle and bone density and muscle tone overall.

Each workout should be finished off with an abdominal workout targeting the lower, upper and mid-abdominal exercises, with slow controlled profound movements.

All these will also improve the sense of equilibrium, coordination, assist in reaching an ideal metabolic state and give a new lease of life to the nervous system, thereby improving reflexes, responses, alertness, spontaneity, etc.

Last but not the least, one must either sit or lie down with the eyes shut, in a state of pure being. In this state of bliss, rejuvenation and the buoyancy of the spirit grow.

Vishram or Rest
Vishram is the time when body repairs itself. So give proper and sufficient time for relaxation and sleep.

Here relaxation means the total relaxation, that of body as well as mind. Proper rest ensures proper utilisation of the food you consume and proper disposal of the waste products.

Pranayams and meditation help you to relax and ensures proper burning of the fuel ie. food to leave back minimum wastes which then are efficiently eliminated; leaving your body clean free of toxins — thus free of disease. So help your self by spending some time just for yourself. Try to listen to the signals of your body and be in shape and health for life.

Source:The Times Of India

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