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Colourful Condiments for Nutrition

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A new study has shown that we also eat with our eyes, by revealing that choosing colourful condiments actually enhance the nutritional value of routine food.

The research has shown that the right choice of condiments, seasonings or sauces, can give regular food a boost in nutritional value.

University of Arkansas dietetics professor Marjorie Fitch-Hilgenberg uses the term condiments broadly to include all the “accompaniments” to food, such as seasonings, sauces, garnishes and marinades. All have their place in making food interesting and nutritious.

“Think colour, We eat with our eyes, and choosing colourful condiments can enhance the nutritional value of a routine food,” said Fitch-Hilgenberg. “Look at an average sandwich -some meat or cheese between slices of bread and slathered with mayonnaise. When you add dark leafy greens and tomatoes and replace the mayo, you can create a quick lunch with a serving or more of vegetables and little excess fat,” she added.

Fitch-Hilgenberg’s research has shown that most people don’t notice the difference when nutrient-rich spinach replaces lettuce on burgers and subs. The resulting sandwich provides greater quantities of key nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin A and folic acid.

There are more healthy alternatives to mayonnaise, beyond the low-fat and non-fat options on the grocery shelves. Fitch-Hilgenberg recommended looking for opportunities to replace mayonnaise with low-fat yoghurt. For example, yoghurt mixed with coarse mustard and dill is a tasty topping for grilled salmon steaks.

Source:The Times Of India

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