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25 Resources to Help You Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse Plastic Bags

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In case you did not already realize it, the one trillion plastic grocery bags used worldwide every year are becoming a serious drain on the environment.

21st Century Citizen
has compiled a great list of the Top 25 resources to help you reduce, recycle, or reuse all those plastic bags you carry home from your grocery store.

Their list includes creative gems like:

  • Where to find a recycling location near you, in case your local grocery does not offer a recycling bin

  • Sites that sell reusable shopping totes

  • Creative ideas for reusing plastic bags for other things around your house

  • Novel classroom projects for teachers

  • Patterns for turning plastic bags into reusable items such as hefty tote bags and all-weather rugs

With so many options, there’s bound to be a solution that works for you, reducing your environmental impact, and saving you money in the process! For the full list, check out the source link below.

Sources: 21st Century Citizen

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