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Zinc Can Cure Diarrhea

Zinc supplements reduce both the severity and duration of acute or persistent diarrhea in children, according to researchers from the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta.

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The study included data from 22 studies, including 16 that focused on children with acute diarrhea, and six that focused on children with persistent diarrhea.

Compared to placebo, the zinc supplements reduced the occurrence of both types of diarrhea by about 18 percent. The supplements also reduce stool frequency by about 19 percent in children with acute diarrhea, and 13 percent in those with persistent diarrhea.

However, most of the studies also found that zinc supplements were more likely to cause vomiting than placebo.
Reuters February 19, 2008
Pediatrics February 2008, Vol. 121 No. 2, pp. 326-336

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