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Now, a Candy that Fights Tooth Decay

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Most children are told to stay away from chewy candies to keep their teeth cavity-free, but children in Venezuela who ate a special cavity-fighting candy had 62% fewer cavities than those who brushed their teeth regularly, researchers said.

Children in the study were testing the effectiveness of BasicMints, an experimental fluoride-free treatment designed to mimic a component in human saliva that neutralises acids in the mouth that can erode tooth enamel.

Researchers at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine, who developed the active compound in the mints known as CaviStat, tested them in 200 children in Venezuela aged 10 ½ to 11 who were getting their adult molars but still had some baby teeth left.

Half the children in the study took two of the medicated mints in the morning and at night after brushing with a fluoride toothpaste.

The other half brushed twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and took plain mints. After one year, children who took the cavity-fighting mints had 61.7% fewer cavities than the other group.

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Sources: The Times Of India

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