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Was the new finger a ‘natural’ miracle?

The story of the man who re-grew a finger using “pixie-dust” has captured the imagination of many this week.

The fingertip has ‘amazing’ healing powers

But a number of scientists have cast cold-water over the claims – and said it may have been a “natural” miracle.

Lee Spievak, 69, chopped off part of his finger – said to be almost down to the first joint – in a model aeroplane accident in 2005.

His brother was working in the field of regenerative medicine, with Dr Stephen Badylak at the University of Pittsburgh.

They provided Mr Spievak, who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with the “pixie-dust” – more accurately called extracellular matrix, which he sprinkled on his finger.

Extracellular matrix is, essentially, the support structure for cells which is present in all animal and human tissue.

Within weeks, it is said the tip of the finger – including bone, tissue, skin and nail grew back.

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The man who grew a finger

Sources: BBC NEWS

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