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Eating Fish ‘Prevents Eye Disease’

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Want to keep your vision clear as the years go by? Put fatty fish on your menu, at least twice a week, says a new study.

Researchers have found that eating fish, like salmon and tuna at least twice a week can help prevent a devastating eye disease — the age-related muscular degeneration which is said to be the leading cause of blindness in the elderly

Over time the back part of the eye can degenerate, causing the disease, which can also be triggered by new blood vessels growing and bleeding in the region.

And, according to the study by Tufts University, the omega 3 fatty acids found in fish offers protection against the eye disease, the British media reported.

For their study, the researchers questioned 3,000 people about their general diet and then monitored development of the condition over eight years. Half of the volunteers were given some form of daily supplement, including antioxidants such as vitamins C
and E and beta-carotene.

The findings showed show that progression to both the dry and wet forms of advanced disease was 25 per cent less likely among those who ate a diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

And, those who took the antioxidants as well as zinc and beta-carotene were 50 per cent more likely to develop the advanced disease, according to the study published in the ‘British Journal of Ophthalmology’.

Source: The Times Of India

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