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Exercising with arthritis :-

Q: I am 50 and have had rheumatoid arthritis for 10 years. It flares up intermittently no matter what treatment I follow. My knee joints are also affected and I am not able to go for a walk. Can I use a treadmill?

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A: Rheumatoid arthritis relapses and remits on its own, without any dietary indiscretion or obvious aggravating factor. Follow your doctor’s advice. Sometimes he may suggest low-dose maintenance therapy with medication to prevent relapses. Apply moist heat to the joints regularly and then do passive exercises. In addition, you must do some active exercises. A non-weight bearing reclining stationary exercise cycle is a good alternative.

Addicted to porn:-
Q: I am a 30-year-old man working in a multinational company. At times I am the only one there at night and on holidays. I have begun watching pornography on the Internet. I enjoy it so much that I sometimes switch to these sites even during work hours when no one is watching. Is this an addiction?


A: Pornography is addictive and is now classified with drugs, alcohol and the like. It can escalate like drugs and alcohol and needs to be overcome. There are several sites that offer stepwise programmes to help you. Physical activity is often therapeutic. Try running or jogging an hour a day before or after work. Addiction to exercise is something you do not have to hide or be ashamed of.

Health drinks:-
Q: I am overweight and exercise in a gym. My personal trainer has been suggesting health drinks after the workout to replace lost calories, protein and electrolytes. Is this needed?

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A: You need to replace the electrolytes lost if you sweat profusely during the exercise. This can be done cheaply, naturally and effectively by drinking lightly salted buttermilk, lime juice or tender coconut water. For the lost potassium, you can eat a small yellow banana. Don’t take health drink supplements. The ones available locally may be containing harmful chemicals.

It you are exercising to lose weight, why do you want to replace the calories you worked off?

TV all day:-
Q: My five-year-old grandson can’t recognise or remember alphabets and numbers. He is a TV addict and watches children’s programmes the whole day. He does not look in the eye while talking to strangers, but is quite articulate with relatives. He eats and sleeps normally but is thin. Is it attention deficit syndrome or something more serious?

A: Perhaps someone should take an interest in the child and make him more physically active. Heneeds to play outside in fresh air for two hours after school. It’s no use telling him to “go and play”. A parent (or grandparent) may be by his side to encourage him. Perhaps you could enroll him in a martial arts class, or coaching for football or cricket. He may do homework from 6pm to 8pm. If the school has not given any homework, you could give him some work with alphabets, colouring and numbers. Tell him firmly that the TV works only once a week, on Saturdays. I don’t think anything is wrong with him as yet. But if he continues thus, his personality may soon be permanently affected.

Vanishing voice:-
Q: I am a teacher. Sometimes, as I speak, my voice suddenly becomes softer and even disappears.

A: Constant speech can cause thickening of the vocal cords. At times, small nodules may also form there. You need to get the condition evaluated by an ENT surgeon. In the meantime, try not to speak unless absolutely essential. You may also try steam inhalations.

Source : The Telegraph ( Kolkata, India)

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