Chitala chitala

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Binomial name: Chitala chitala
Kingdom:: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Osteoglossiformes
Family: Notopteridae
Genus: Chitala
Species:: C. chitala

Other Names: Indian featherback

Bengali Name: Chitol mach

Habitat : This fish is native to India,Bangladesh,Pakisthan & Nepal.They normally grow in big river basins.This is grown in lakes also.

Chitala chitala reaches a maximum length of 122 cm (48 in), but more commonly reaches about 75 cm (30 in). It is overall silvery in color. Unlike all its relatives, it usually (but not always) has a series of golden or silvery bars along the back, resulting in a faint striped appearance. Additionally, it has a series of fairly small, sometimes indistinct, non-ocellated dark spots towards the far rear of the body (at the “tail”). This separates it from C. ornata, which has ocellated spots (dark spots surrounded by a paler ring) and lacks bars along the back. The two species have frequently been confused.


Food Value:
Chitala chitala fish is very tasty, particularly it’s stomach portion.The back portion is bony, but commercially important in native range; flesh minced, made into balls, and cooked with curry.


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