The Corpse Pose (Yoga Relaxation)

Relaxation and relief from hypertension, fear psychosis and insomnia.

Description:In India it is called “SAVA ASANA”. SAVA …means dead body and ASANA standa for yoga exercise. It is always adviced that while doing yoga exercise, one should do this after every set of exercise for few seconds and at least two minutes after all sets of exercises for total physical relaxation of the body and mind.

How to do this… & see

The classic relaxation pose practised before each session, betweene very exercise and in the final relaxation.

1.Lie on your back and feet spread about 18 inches apart and hands about 6 inches from your sides, palms up.

2.Ease yourself into the pose, making sure the body is symmetrical.

3.Let your thighs, knees turn outward.

4.Release all your mussels and nurves (as if you are a dead person)

4.Close your eyes and breathe deeply but normally, try to keek your mind free from any thinking.