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Tabebuia chrysantha

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Botanical Name : Tabebuia chrysantha
Family: Bignoniaceae
Genus: Tabebuia
Species: T. chrysantha
Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Lamiales

Common Names: Araguaney or Yellow Ipê,Golden Goddess,known as cañaguate in northern Colombia , as tajibo in Bolivia, and as ipê-amarelo in Brazil

Habitat :The araguaney dwells in clearings of deciduous tropical forests of the broad Guiana Shield region. It is also native to warm lands and sabanas (Vía Oriente to El Guapo, Cupira, and Uchire Sabana) and even some arid hills (Mampote, Guarenas, Guatire y Caucagua). Its habitat ranges 400 to 1300m above sea level.

Tabebuia chrysantha is a rustic decidious tree that defies hard, dry or poor soils. Therefore its roots require well drained terrain. Its height ranges 6 to 12m. Leaves are opposite and petiolate, elliptic and lanceolate, with pinnate venation. Flowers are large, tubular shaped, with broadening corolla of deep yellow colour, about 2 inches long; they come out (February to April) before the tree has grown back any leaves. The fruit consists of dehiscent capsule often matured by the end of dry season. It is a slow growing, but long lasting, tree.

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As said, flowering and fruiting take place in dry season, from February to April, this way the seeds can take advantage of early rains. If raining season is delayed, the araguaney may flower and fruit, mildly, a second time. It is a highly efficient moisture manager. As happens with mango, the araguaney biological functions requiring most water take place precisely during dry season.

Medicinal Uses:
The palmate leaves are concocted to treat cancer and candida in native S. American cultures. It is also considered a remedy for controlling diabetes and for liver and kidney disorders.

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