Flexablity Exercise that Protects the Knees

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Most of us know that a good way to protect our knees is to strengthen the muscle above the knees with simple quad exercises. But, for added support, it’s also important to keep your hips and hamstrings flexible. Here’s a side-lying stretch that targets your hips and hamstrings.

Step 1:->

Lie on your side, legs straight, with your feet, hips and shoulder stacked. Rest your head in your hand (or place it down on your forearm with your elbow forward). Bend your left knee and place your left foot flat on the floor in front of your right knee. While maintaining your balance, use your left hand to gently press your left thigh back until your left knee points toward the ceiling. Resist rolling backward by keeping your left hip over your right hip.

Step 2 :->

Grasp the big toe of your left foot with the first two fingers of your left hand. Slowly straighten your left knee until the sole of your left foot faces the ceiling. Press up firmly through your left heel to stretch the back of your left leg. Pause for a few seconds. Relax and breathe evenly. Release your foot, bend your knee and reverse the position to do this stretch on the other side.

Practice 3 sets of the above exercise and take little rest.


Sources: Los Angele Times

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Ease Lower Back Pain with at-your-desk Stretch (Simple Yoga )

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For most people, lower back pain is a cumulative process, creeping up on us through poor posture and bad habits when lifting and bending. Here is an easy exercise you can do throughout the day to help strengthen your back muscles while sitting for long periods of time.

Step 1
Sit in a chair, raise your left arm above you and hold it just above the elbow with the right hand. Your forearm will come behind your head. Inhale, pulling your abdominals in toward your spine, moving your head slightly back to press gently against your right forearm.

Step 2
On an exhale, lean slightly to the right and slowly draw imaginary circles on the ceiling with your left hand. Keep your hips, thighs and knees motionless as you initiate the movement from your waist. After three circles, return to center and inhale; switch the position of your arms, then repeat the circles with the opposite hand.

Sources: Los Angles Times

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