Shaking Meditation

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It is Ratu Bagus Bio-Energy Meditation.
(Shaking) is a truly life changing practice, made possible by the transmission that comes from the energy master Ratu Bagus. This energy transmission ignites the sacred fire that lies dormant within each of us and calls upon our own energy system, to remember and ‘wake up’ the natural capacity our bodies have for healing, on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.


This energy is complete as it works on many levels, not just the physical, with an emphasis on ‘practice’, rather than theory or technique. Ratu teaches us that greater understanding of ourselves happens not with the mind but when we allow the energy to connect with a much deeper part of ourselves – experientially. Then transformation is allowed to happen spontaneously, removing all blocks that prevent us from achieving our highest potential.

How to Practice?

The practice manifests as shaking, which is both simple and powerful. Many practitioners report life changing results in a very short space of time.

When we tune into Ratu’s energy, the body ‘remembers’ and the energy then begins to shake us. This feels amazing, some describe it as feeling like heat in the body Training in Balior a feeling of electricity or fire inside. Others say, it feels like connecting with their soul, the God inside, their original self.

When we practice, we allow the energy into our bodies and trust that this intelligent energy will give us everything we need. This sacred fire will return us to our natural state of harmony, unity, peace, joy and radiant health. This gift is there for everyone, there’s no age or ability that can’t practise Bio Energy Meditation.

The Process:
Processing is fundamental to growth in the practice, as the energy becomes stronger in the body, it pushes out anything which is negative. This processing is the body’s natural way of cleaning itself. This physical and emotional release can manifest in many ways, such as, coughing, laughing, shouting, dancing etc.

The more we practice and build a relationship with the divine light within the more it can teach us. The answers to the deep questions we have about ourselves, our life and our purpose become clear. Over time, life regains its magical quality, we feel a greater ability to connect with life, we become healthier, more vibrant and feel a greater sense of freedom and love for ourselves and those around us.

Laughing Medicine a big part of what Ratu teaches is to be positive no matter what is happening in our lives. During the training people often experience uncontrollable laughter, real laughter that comes from deep within, from the soul. Ratu says that when we experience this laughter it wakes up all of the chakras, enabling the energy to work very well in the body. Laughing is a good connection with the soul, then its easy to take care of the physical body, with this strong connection with the divine we can become free. We can laugh away all attachments, raise our consciousness and find paradise inside.

Ratu always says “Problem — No Problem” when we laugh we encourage this feeling of positive thinking,

“When we practise we learn to love ourselves and then we can go through life with a smile.” – Ratu Bagus

“The technique to get the energy flowing inside our body is to surrender to the energy and accept it with a smile.”- Ratu Bagus.

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