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Sunshine Vitamin Repairs Your Skin

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The Sunshine Vitamin Repairs Your Skin and Boosts Your Immune System
Sunshine may be able to help fight skin diseases and cancer by attracting immune cells to the skin surface…… & see

Sunshine causes the skin to produce vitamin D3, and immune cells in the skin, known as dendritic cells, can convert vitamin D3 into its active form. The active vitamin D3 then causes T-cells to make surface changes that allow them to migrate to the uppermost layer of the skin.

T-cells destroy damaged and infected cells, and also regulate other immune cells.

The skin disorder psoriasis is sometimes treated with vitamin D3 creams; these creams may work by moving T-cells into the skin.

Add skin repair to the growing legion of benefits associated with getting your body’s optimal dose of vitamin D from the sun. According to scientists, these new findings may explain how T-cells get routed to the surface of your skin via the sun when it has been exposed to damage.

Of course, the real trick about getting the optimal amount of vitamin D is getting the appropriate and safe amount of sun exposure , a big challenge right now for people living in the Northern Hemisphere.

Ideally, you should have exposure to the sun, however, safe tanning beds are another option. You can see the list of safe U.S. tanning beds.

Just a reminder, if you choose to take a high-quality cod liver oil to increase your vitamin D levels while also getting valuable omega-3 fats, It is strongly urged that you to have your blood levels checked regularly, as it is potentially dangerous not to do so.

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