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Botanical Name :Donax cannaeformis (Forst. f.) K. Schum.
Family : Marantaceae
Genus : Donax
Class: Liliopsida
Subclass: Commelinidae
Superorder: Zingiberanae
Order: Cannales
: Plantae
Other Scientific Names : Thalia cannaeformis Forst. f.,Maranta arundinacea Blanco ,Clinogyner grandis Benth. & Hook. f.,Donax arundastrum K. Schum. ,Actophanes arucanaeformis K. Schum. ,Phrynium dichotomum Roxb. ,Maranta dichotoma Wall. ,Maranta grandis Miq.

Common Names in Chinese:Zhu Ye Jiao
Common Names in Malay:Bamban, Bamban Batu
Common Names in Tagalog
:Bamban, Banban, Manban, Matalbak
Common Names in Visayan:Alaro, Bamban

Habitat :Common in secondary forests, especially along streams, at low and medium altitudes.


Rhizomatous shrub with stems up to 2 to 3 meters tall, several growing in a cluster, smooth, and much branched. Leaves are short-pertioled, thin, smooth, ovate, 15 to 18 cm long and 9 cm wide. Panicles are loosely- and few-branched. Calyx tube is about 1 cm long with lanceolate segments, acute and ribbed. Corolla lobes are white, linear to oblong, and longer than the tube. The staminodes are obovate and large, with the tip smaller, obovate and clawed. Anther, filament and lobe are linear. Fruit is globoid to ellipsoid, slightly hairy, about 1 cm in diameter and whitish. Seeds are oblong, grooved and strongly wrinkled.

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Medicinal Uses:

Parts Used: Roots, stems, leaves.

• Roots, brewed in decoction, are used as antidote for snake bites and for blood poisoning.
• In Macassar, paste of young stems with ginger and cinnamon bark is taken for biliousness.
• Juice from young curled up leaves used for sore eyes.
• In Vanuatu, used postpartum to draw placental fragments: right side of the leaf blade is squeezed into a glass of water to drink.

Other Uses: Split stems are used for basket weaving, making fish traps and hats, and for sewing nipa shingles.

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