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Mouthwashes are Injurious to Oral Cavity

The mouth washes which   some of us use are not good for the oral health.
1. The mouth washes bring about the mucosal changes.

2. No doubt the mouth washes are bactericidal but later they lead to the accumulation of fungus.

3. Most of the mouth washes which we use are alcohol based and their long term effect is same on the teeth as caused by alcohol and cigratte on the teeth.

Mouth washes should not be used as a daily supplement to hide the bad breath they are to be used just for 2-3 weeks and not beyond that,most of the mouth washes are to be used after the surgery when patient is not able to brush the teeth to keep the good oral hygeine and they should be strictly be prescribed by the dental surgeon/physician.

Alcohol free mouth washes should be used as the alcohol based mouth washes lead to xerostomia (dryness of mouth) which further leads to aggravation of bacteria and further many dental diseases,the long term use of mouth washes (alcohol based) cause the same effect as caused by alcohol and cigrattes on the teeth.

The mouth washes which we take from the chemists contain chlorhexidine gluconate which when taken in excess or without prescription by the doctor may cause gastric upsets.

The immunocompromised patients whose immune system is weak if they take mouth washes without prescriotion by the doctor may end up with many systemic diseases.

Mouth washes should¬† also be avoided in infants…mostly people take mouth washes to hide the bad breath and when their is not adequate water over the tongue…but this is a wrong concept.

Normal saline is recommended onspite of using mouth washes to keep up the good oral hygeine.


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