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Gardenia jasminoides

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Ji Gu Cao

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Botanical Name:Abrus fruticulosus Wall.ex Abrus cantoniensis/ Abrus precatorius L.


Other Names:huang tou cao, da huang cao jia niu gan zi, hong mu ji caozhu yao caohuang se cao, xiao ye long ling cao
Tamil name: venkundri; Thai name: Maklam Phueak

Common Name: Chinese prayer bead grass

Local Name :Kacapiring ( Indonesia, Sunda), Ceplong saucer ( Java); Jempiring ( Acheh), Lutetium bruek, White king ( Acheh);

Kacapiring ( Gardenia) many looked after [by] people as ornamental plant or green fence having aroma fragrance interest. Kacapiring is including clump plant that is age annual and many having branch, close stick and also leaf. Kacapiring easy to grow any [by] place, either in cool area and also temperature. But, this plant more compatibly in mountain area or location that is height of more than 400 metre above permukaaan sea. Its(the tree trunk can reach height to shift 1-2 metre. Its(the interest is king sized, respects looking like white rose with [circle;coil] coronets and compiles forming one classy unities. Its(the leaf is in the form of oval, thick, lustrous and slippery at surface of its(the top leaf palm. Because fragrance of its(the interest, kacapiring has commercial value to be made perfume. Medium of breeding of this crop can be done by the way of cutting.

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Medicinal Uses:

Properties(characteristics): sweet, slightly bitter, cool.

Actions & Indications:for acute viral hepatitis, stomach pain, breast cancer, tuberculosis of lymph glands, bruises and pain from injuries.

For acute hepatitis B

ji gu cao soup:

Ingredients: ji gu cao 38 g, bai hua she she cao 15 g, chi xiao dou 38 g, lean pork 110 g, sheng jiang   (raw ginger) 3 slices, hong zao 5 pieces, (cut open). Rinse all ingredients. Add water and make into soup.

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