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Ferulis harmonis

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Botanical Name : Ferulis harmonis
Family : parsley
Common Name: Zallouh,Shirsh Zallouh

Habitat: Native to middle eastern countries. The plant grows between 6000 and 10,000 feet around massive Mount Haramoun, which straddles the borders of Syria, Lebanon and Israel.In that region, the plant is extravagantly profuse. At present, many thousands of tons of zallouh grow on Mount Haramoun.

Ferulis harmonis   is a small perennial shrub with thin leaves and tiny white or yellow flowers. It has  hairy roots.


Due to ongoing ethnic and religious conflicts in the Middle East, the Israeli side of Mount Haramoun is not a safe or secure source of zallouh. On the Lebanese side, indiscriminate harvesting of the wild plant has reduced its occurence. As a result, the Lebanese government has made efforts to limit zallouh harvesting. In Syria, a nation under military rule, zallouh trade is overseen by the Syrian Army, and the harvesting of zallouh is conducted in a controlled, sustainable fashion. The root is typically harvested from August to October.

Medicinal Uses:
Zallouh(Ferulis harmonis) has a long tradition of use by men with erectile problems and for men and women with low libido.  But the root has also enjoyed even broader use for sexual enhancement among health men and women, to increase sexual frequency and to increase pleasure.  It is rich in antioxidants and it helps to retard the aging process.    The plant has also undergone scientific clinical study.  An extract of the root is made in a combination of alcohol and water.  The taste is quite bitter and it’s best to put it in milk or fruit juice.

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Disclaimer:The information presented herein is intended for educational purposes only. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider


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Health Problems & Solutions

Some Health Quaries & Answers

When mamma is at work …..
Q: I am a working woman. I recently had a baby and would like to continue to feed her breast milk. Can I store the milk in the refrigerator?

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A: Expressed breast milk (EBM) can be safely used for your baby. It is safer and healthier than cow’s milk or tinned formula. Wash your hands and collect the milk in a sterile plastic bottle with a tight screw-type lid. Label the bottle clearly, with the date and time, so that the oldest milk is used first. Place the bottle at the back of the refrigerator or in the freezer. Do not mix used leftover milk with fresh milk and use it for the next feed.

EBM can be warmed or thawed by placing it in a bowl of warm water. Do not use a microwave for this. Do not boil it. After warming it, do not refreeze and use again. EBM can be stored in the refrigerator for five days and in a freezer for two weeks. Otherwise, it can be kept in a cool place for six hours.

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Stiff hands
Q: I am 55 years old and drive an hour to work. When I reach my office, my fingers become stiff — fixed in a claw-like position — and can’t be moved easily. I also get “catches” in my leg and chest muscles.

A: You need a check up to see if you are suffering from diseases such as diabetes or hypertension. If so, they need to be tackled. If you are overweight, try to reach your ideal body weight. Walk briskly for an hour and do stretches for 20 minutes before going to work. Yoga, particularly suryanamaskar, is ideal. While stretching, concentrate on the hands. Eat four to six helpings of fruits and vegetables daily. Take calcium supplements. If all this does not help, consult a physician.

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Hernia problem
Q: My doctor said I have an intestinal hernia. What does it mean?

A: Hernias are of many types. An umbilical hernia occurs at or just next to the umbilicus. Incisional hernias occur at the site of a previous surgical scar. Inguinal hernias are commoner in men and occur in the groin area. If the abdominal wall is lax, the intestines can appear to lie just under the surface of the skin, a condition called divarication.

A weakness or deficiency in the abdominal wall present from birth can’t be repaired except through surgery. Incisional hernias and divarication can be prevented by not gaining weight and maintaining abdominal muscle tone with regular exercise.

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Pricking ears
Q: My ears are always pricking. Cleaning them brings out fungus, which forms again becoming worse.

A: The secretion may not be fungus but discharge owing to an infection, allergy or impacted wax. Fungus in the ear causes pain. Allergic or seborrhic dermatitis is more likely to cause pricking or itching.

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You need to consult an ear-nose-throat surgeon to make a diagnosis. Using inappropriate over-the-counter antimicrobial eardrops may make the condition worse. Cleaning the ears may rupture the skin, aggravating the pain and pricking.


High BP
Q: What is BP? How can I diagnose and prevent it? What’s the treatment?

A: BP is short for blood pressure. It should be below 140/90. If it is higher, the person is said to have high BP or hypertension. For most adults, there’s no identifiable cause of high BP. It tends to develop gradually over years. Sometimes, high blood pressure can occur as a result of tumours, defects in the blood vessels, kidney diseases or certain medications.

High BP occurs with increasing age, particularly if one or both parents have hypertension. It is commoner in overweight individuals. Smoking or living with people who smoke also increases the BP. Drinking excessively damages the heart and raises the blood pressure.

If you have high BP, stop smoking and drinking. Do regular exercises, combined with yoga and meditation, and reduce your salt intake. Your doctor will be able to prescribe appropriate medications if it does not fall with these simple measures.

The pill
Q: I take pills for diabetes, hypertension and chest pain. I find it hard to have sex. Can I use Viagra?

A: Viagra is a trade name for Sidenafil citrate and is used for erectile dysfunction, which is probably what you have. It is contraindicated in persons with hypertension, stroke or coronary artery disease, and chest pain due to angina.

It is better to discuss the issue with your physician and see if the medicine is advisable for you. He would also advise you on the dosage and time. Relying on the neighbourhood medical shop for supply and advice might be dangerous for your health.

Source:The Telegraph (Kolkata, India)


The Hidden Dangers of Taking More Than One Medication at Once

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Most people have the perception that drugs are evaluated by the government, and thus are safe if taken under the guidance of competent physicians. However, even if you accept this, you must ask yourself — how might that safety change if you take multiple drugs?

For safety assurances, proper testing should be done for every drug combination you are advised to take. If you take Prozac and Tylenol, for example, you should be presented with all the possible benefits and consequences before allowing these two foreign substances to mix with the chemicals your body already creates. The same thing goes for combining Paxil with Viagra or Interferon with Lipitor.

The list of possible problems here is monstrously long, because there are a huge number of possible combinations. Nonetheless, there have been relatively few studies that test drugs in combination. So if you take two drugs, the odds of their combination having been adequately tested for safety are skimpy at best. But if you take three or more drugs the danger possibilities multiply even faster.

If you take 3 drugs then adequate safety testing of the various combinations require 7 separate tests. If you take 4 drugs the combinations require 25 separate tests. If you take 5 drugs it amounts to 121 tests. If you take 10 drugs the number of required safety tests total 362,881.

The conclusion here should be obvious. There is questionable safety testing if you take two drugs and nominal, if any, safety testing if you take three. Beyond that you are clearly into the land of, “I have no idea what these combinations of drugs will do.”

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